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This type of session is called "Functional Integration" because it is about learning to integrate discovered movements or functions into the daily environment.

The Experience

A Guild Certified Feldenkrais Practitionercm gently moves the fully-clothed client while the student is at rest, typically lying on a low flat table. Limbs will be raised, joints bent or rotated, muscles flexed, digits extended: all slowly and with no exertion beyond the point of resistance. The movements may be repeated several times either individually or in a sequence of related movements as an aid to learning.

The client and the teacher learn from these actions what the current movement patterns of the client are. It is the job of the practitioner, as teacher, to impart what those patterns are and to help provide appropriate alternatives.

The client experience will likely be of a restful nature though there may well be a feeling of invigoration after the lesson. The close proximity of the practitioner and the encompassing manner of moving the client's body create a comforting environment.

Individual lessons typically take about 50 minutes, though they may be longer.

It is recommended that loose fitting clothes be worn so they don't interfere with the movements during the lesson. Belts, watches, glasses and other confining accessories are typically removed.

Scheduling an Appointment

Functional Integration (FI) sessions are taught by Guild Certified Feldenkrais practitioner, Janice Vincent. Appointments may be scheduled by phoning MindMoves at 425-278-2220 or by sending email to Tara

A sequence of sessions may be required to fully incorporate new patterns of behavior or functions into the client's daily activities.

FI sessions are typically taken once a week but initially the practitioner may recommend a more condensed schedule.